Yellow Flowers Baby Swaddle Wrap 120-120 cm
Yellow Flowers Baby Swaddle Wrap 120-120 cm full

Yellow Flowers Baby Swaddle Wrap

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There is something about flowers that attracts all babies equally. If you want to feed your child's love for flowers, then this Yellow flowers baby swaddle wrap is an excellent gift. The yellow flowers are bright and cheerful and will enforce an aura of positivity around your child. Ideal baby shower gift too. 

Manufactured with bamboo and cotton, this swaddle feels gentle protecting your baby's skin from any kind of harm. The fabric is soft enough for the baby to feel comfortable when they are wrapped in the securely in the swaddle.

Make sure that you wash the swaddle so that your baby's hygiene is not compromised.

  • Bamboo swaddle wrap size: 120*120 cm
  • Material: 70% Bamboo & 30% Cotton

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