Baby Play Mats

Best Baby Play Mats for Floor Activity – Delivery Across Australia

Baby play mats are often seen as something nice to have but not crucial yet experts and many parents have shown this isn’t the case.  Have a mat on the floor that allows babies to try out a variety of different activities is a huge benefit to their development in a number of ways. But how do you pick the best from the many baby playmats available?

Benefits of a baby gym & playmats

The best baby gym mats or activity mats are ones that have lots of bright colors, patterns or characters as well as features to grab the baby’s attention. The idea of a play mat is that it creates a safe space for your baby to enjoy some time alone while you can sit back and watch proceedings.

Play mats are suitable for babies from birth onwards and are particularly beneficial during those first six months. Parents across Australia have found that using a mat allows their babies to explore their surroundings and start to use their senses as they begin to use their ‘primary circular reactions’. This is where they begin to realise that doing something causes a reaction, such as pushing a toy.

Crawling and baby development

When babies are born, their vision is relatively limited and this means they only see things close by. Therefore, using a mat with bright colors or visual elements on it, your baby can see them and respond to this. Baby play mats often encourage crawling and movement as they grow as their urge to investigate things is stimulated by the layout of the mat.

Grasping at items is another early development that baby gyms can stimulate.  By using them as a base for toys and other items, the baby can reach, grasp and even pull items around while being on a safe and protective area.

Choosing the right baby mat

The benefits of these styles of mats are clear but how do you choose one from the hundreds that are available? One of the best ways is to look at the features of the mat to ensure you get what you need for your baby and that it is a high-quality product.

Brands such as Tummy Time are made from soft cotton material that is pleasant against the baby’s skin while often having an anti-slip backing to keep the mat in place. They are lightweight and portable so you can easily roll them up and move them from one room to another. Some even feature detachable string to convert them into a storage bag while easily removing the strings when the baby is using it to avoid accidents.

Home delivery available

We offer a range of quality baby play mats that come in a range of colors and patterns. All our mats are available for home delivery across Australia and are made to the latest safety standards to allow you to let your baby use it with no concerns. Order from your computer and have the mat delivered to your home address to encourage your baby’s development with these excellent baby gyms. Also checkout our affordable range of nappy bags.