Baby Blankets

Best Baby Blankets Online Australia

During the first few months of their little lives, babies do a lot of sleeping.  This means that the things they sleep in are very important.  Baby blankets are a key part of the sleep set up and there are lots of great options available to buy online.  But how do you know which is the best blanket for your baby boy or girl?

Study the material of the blanket

The material of the blanket is a very important thing to consider. You want something that is very soft and feels comfortable against the skin which is why buying specialist baby blankets are always the best option. You also want them to be breathable so that your baby girl or boy doesn’t get too hot when they are swaddled in it.

Cotton is a great material for a baby blanket, being soft and breathable. Knitted materials can also be a good option. If you are unsure if a material is breathable when you try it, there’s a simple test. If you can feel air moving through the blanket, then it is breathable so stand beside a fan or air con unit to test. You probably also want a couple of blankets, one for winter and one for summer. Those heavier knitted blankets are ideal for colder months while lightweight cotton blankets are better in the summer.

Baby blanket size and safety

Cot blankets often come in regular sizes that are designed to work with the normal size of a baby’s cot. But it can be a good idea to measure your cot, especially if you don’t have a specific make. You don’t want too big a blanket or there’s the risk that the baby has too much material around them.  In the most extreme cases, this is known to contribute to SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Remember that blankets can be multipurpose too – you can use them as bedding, as a floor mat or even to put on a sofa for them to lie there with you beside them.

And when they no longer need them to sleep, you can always convert them into a wall hanging for the bedroom. Safety for baby blankets is something to watch out for, although by using quality suppliers in Australia, you can be certain that the blankets will meet certain standards.  Tassels, fringes and ribbons all look cute but are potential risks to the baby so keep away from these when they are very young.

Get the best price baby blanket

Always looks for the best sale prices for your baby blankets as this can save you a lot of money.  We regularly have a great range of products on our website that is available for home delivery across the country.  This allows you to select the best baby blankets from the comfort of your own home, get the best price baby blanket and be certain that you will receive a top-quality product.  Then you have completed your baby’s sleeping arrangements and hopefully, they will get a good night’s sleep!