About NBS

Proudly 100Australian Owned, Stocked & Operated. Based in Melbourne.

Hi welcome to Nappy Bag Store, I’m the mother of two behind the store.  Thanks for visiting!  I just wanted to let you know a little about myself and my family before we start the fun shopping part.

For many years I worked in the corporate world before I had first my little boy and then my little girl.  It was then I realised two things – I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible and that it was really hard to shop for nappy bags and other baby products.

You will know what I mean – local shops have some lovely stuff but going there with kids in tow can be hard work.  And because they are a physical store, there’s only so much they can stock.  Plus, their prices reflect the fact they have a lot of overheads and this means you often pay the top end of the price range.

Nappy Bag Store was born!

The more I shopped for my kids, the more I realised it was hard work.  Then there was the online world – convenient, cost-effective but you didn’t always get the most complete information about the products you were buying.

So, I decided to set up my own store specialising in early years baby products such as nappy bags, blankets, cot sheets and more.  The aim was to create a specialist baby store that was based online and could offer visitors the best range of products, the most detailed information and the best prices because overheads were much less than a physical store.

Not only that but we could offer delivery across Australia.  No more worrying about being limited to the local shops and what they stocked, you could choose exactly what you wanted for your baby and have it delivered to your door.

Why shop with Nappy Bag Store?

For starters, when you buy from us you are buying from real parents – there’s a picture of me with my husband and the kids just over there!  We really have the hands-on experience to choose the right products based on what we have used and can confidently recommend them to others.

We also aim to make the website super easy to use.  Look at the navigation along the top – you can see all the products.  We also have value bundles that are great when you are on a strict budget and the Under $99 section includes some brilliant sale prices – we are all looking for a bargain after all!

With a simple shipping and returns policy, I wanted to make shopping for your baby fun and simple, with a clearly explained range of products at your fingertips.  Shop while baby is asleep and have them delivered to your door, all at the best possible online prices.

That’s the idea behind Nappy Bag Store – I hope you enjoy your shopping trip here and if there’s anything you need, just pop your details into the contact form below. I love to chat with other mothers!!