Cot Sheets

How to choose the perfect cot sheets for your baby?

Cot sheets or crib sheets are one of the parts of your baby’s bedding that you want to spend a little time considering.  Sure, the size and style of the cot bed do have a lot to do with the type of cot bed sheets that you choose but there’s more to it than just size.

Cot bedding sets or separates?

There are two options to consider first – cot bedding sets or individual cot sheets.  Look for sets that include things that you need – for example, in some parts of Australia, you won’t always need a comforter because you want to ensure your baby girl or boy doesn’t get too hot.  Some kits also include crib bumpers and when the baby is very young, there are some questions as to whether these are a good idea. When you look at a standalone cot sheet, then you can opt for fitted or straight styles much in the same way as you do for bed sheets.  Fitted sheets can be very convenient and save all those tucking in times.  But make sure they are the right size of the crib mattress otherwise stretched them into place could be tricky or there could be too much material.

Choosing the right bedding material

When choosing baby bedding, you want to look for two things in the material – one that it is soft and the other that it is washable.  When you buy online, you will be able to get plenty of information about the exact blend of material in the bedding and this makes it easy to buy with confidence. Flannel and high thread count woven cotton materials are very popular as are knit cotton sheets.  These will be soft and comfortable against the baby’s skin but will also be easy to wash and have good durability.  After all, nursery bedding can see some serious hard work during those early times, so you want something that washes up well and lasts for a good time.

Look at room temperature and cot sheets

Depending on where you live, layering cot sheets might be ideal.  For example, if the room temperature is around 21 degrees, a sheet and just one layer of blankets will do the job nicely.  Around 18 degrees and a sheet plus two or three blankets might be needed.  And if the room is cold, 15 degrees or below, three or four layers might be needed to ensure your baby stays at a warm and comfortable temperature.  Make sure they can still move around when you add more layers.

Other nursery bedding ideas

It is definitely worth investing in at least two sets of crib bedding so watch out for a good sale to help cut the costs and save yourself some money.  We often have great deals on different styles of crib and cot bedding on our website that are suitable for baby boys and baby girls, so you can get the best deal for your nursery bedding needs and have them delivered to your home address.