Frequently Asked Questions


- Surface needs to be flat, smooth, clean (dirt, oil & grease free) & should not be rough, concrete, brick wall or rendered. Otherwise the sticker can fall off.

- Do not apply sticker on freshly painted walls and wait atleast 4 weeks.

- Do not use on flaking paint or paint bubbles.

- Our stickers are removable (self adhesive stickers) & can be used on many wall surfaces. Due to the wide variety of wall surfaces, user installation methods & wall conditions. We cannot guarantee that it will not damage the wall while removing the sticker. We also recommend not to resuse them as they may not stick properly.

- Again before you start, clean the wall thoroughly & make sure its dry & dust free. After cleaning the wall leave it for a day to ensure the wall is completely dry before beginning installation.

- Before unrolling or removing the sticker please make sure you have figured out its placement.


- Clean cloth
- Masking tape
- Credit card
- Scissors
- Spirit level


- Stick the wall sticker on the wall with masking tape in all 4 corners to check the placement. Also stick the masking tape across the middle of the sticker to create the anchor point.

- Now remove the masking tape from top two corners & begin to peel off the backing layer by 10-15 cm without touching the adhesive.

- Use credit card to remove any air bubbles & smoothly stick the 10-15 cm on the wall. Press sticker hard on the wall from the middle of the sticker to the edge. Repeat the same process for the rest of the sticker.

Yes we comply with the product safety standards and have removed the zip pulls from all our baby bean bags as a safety measure so that the children are not able to reach the filling inside.  You will be provided with a  paper clip to use a lever to operate your baby bean bag's zip. Please make sure after filling the bags the paperclip is removed from the bag and is kept out of reach of children. We highly recommend that the children are supervised at all times when on the bean bag.

All our bean bags come with the warning label.

WARNING: Children can suffocate if bean bag filling is swallowed or inhaled. Do not let children climb inside this bean bag. A bean bag is not a safe sleeping surface for an infant under 12 months of age

All our baby bean bags come with 2 removable covers. The baby cover comes fitted with a 3 point safety harness. This is to make sure that your little one does not slide off or roll out of the bean bag.  Yet we highly recommend that you supervise your little ones at all times on the bean bag.

Please allow 1-3 cm error on all the products due to manual measurement.

Yes, we only sell empty bean bag and you can fill it yourself. Filling can be bought at Kmart, Target, Big W. You can buy a large bag of beans for filling up the baby bean bag. The baby bean bag will require to be filled up to 80%. If you have any balls remaining, Be very careful when storing the left over bean balls.

Yes, you can buy additional seat cover to make your bean bag look brand new.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer picking from a location. Orders can only be posted.

We ship to Australia & NZ.

Yes we do. Please make sure that Australia Post provides Express Post to your area. Express Post charges are calculated according to the weight of the product and the destination.

Yes, spare seat covers are available for buying in different colors.

Yes, we do ship to most of the locations within Australia. However, we don’t ship to some remote locations such as Norfolk Island, Christmas Island, Thursday Island and other remote locations.

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