Tree Height Measurement Sticker
Tree Height Measurement Sticker plain background
Tree Height Measurement Sticker front
Tree Height Measurement Sticker display size

Tree Height Measurement Sticker

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Make your child’s room or nursery a fun place to measure their growth with our colourful and cute tree height measurement wall sticker.

Apply the sticker to a surface by peeling off the sheet behind it. Please ensure that the surface on which it is stuck is smooth and even. 

It is made of high-quality and eco-friendly PVC which can be removed and repositioned easily. It is also waterproof making it resilient to any water damage. 

  • Finished Size: 133 x 39 cm
  • Material- Eco-friendly waterproof translucent PVC
  • Please ensure that the surface to which you are affixing the sticker is clean and dry.
  • You can stick it on glass, doors, cabinets, metal surfaces and any smooth wall.
  • When fixing it on a wall, please make sure that the wall is not made of wood.
Gently wipe over the sticker after sticking to remove any air bubbles.

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