Damask Breastfeeding Cover
Damask Breastfeeding Cover 1
Damask Breastfeeding Cover front

Damask Breastfeeding Cover

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A must have item on every pregnant and new mum’s list.

  • Breathable and lightweight breastfeeding cover for mum and bub's comfort and security
  • Suitable for discreet breast pumping and nursing
  • Adjustable to give you comfort and privacy
  • Special neckline so you can see your bub without holding the nursing cover
  • Has a small pocket to hold dummy, breast pads or burp cloth.
  • Folds easily so you can easily carry along when you are out and about
  • comes in a drawstring closure pouch to hold the nursing cover

Size: 72 x 102 cm

Material: 100% cotton

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