Cute Bunny Cot Sheet
cute bunny baby cot sheet
Cute Bunny Cot Sheet

Cute Bunny Cot Sheet

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This is a baby-friendly cot sheet, and its material is pure cotton that is delicate yet strong. It ensures enough warmth for the child without suffocating them. With a size of 130*70 cm, it will fit perfectly with the light aesthetic of your baby's nursery. A cozy fit for the crib, the cot sheet is breathable and portable. It has the design of a cute rabbit, which is neutral and goes with any nursery theme.

 The high-quality material is long-lasting and you can wash it a million times - without any worries. The durable material withstands sudden tears, but it is soft enough not to tangle the tiny body of the baby or to suffocate them. It is the perfect snuggly gift for your sleepy little angel.

Material: Cotton

Size: 130*70 cm

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