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Green Bunny Hot Air Ballon Nursery Wall Sticker

Green Bunny Hot Air Balloon Nursery Sticker

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Few things bring delight to a child as a good bunny hot air balloon baby nursery wall sticker. It’s no surprise that children find bunnies very cute. Moreover, they love the idea of a hot air balloon adventure. The green bunny hot air balloon wall sticker combines both these ideas to be a product that children will love instantly.

To place the hot air balloon sticker perfectly on the wall, you need to peel and place each piece carefully. You don't want air bubbles to form - so make sure that the surface is clean and dust-free.

This removable wall sticker is made with eco-friendly PVC material.

  • Sticker size: 58 x 36 cm
  • Material: Non-toxic PVC
  • Place the sticky side on smooth and even surfaces like walls, windows, and mirrors. Painted walls should be fully dried and cleaned before the sticker placement.
  • These stickers leave the wall stain-free.

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