Floral Baby Swaddle Wrap
Floral Baby Swaddle Wrap closeup
Floral Baby Swaddle Wrap in cot

Floral Baby Swaddle Wrap

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Give your baby this fresh bouquet with this floral baby swaddle wrap if you want to hear them giggle. It is not a secret that babies love vibrant colors that can engage their imagination. Ideal baby shower gift too.

This swaddle wrap has red and yellow as predominant colors that immediately capture a baby's attention. Constructed with bamboo and cotton, this swaddle feels gentle on the skin so that your baby does not feel any discomfort when wrapped securely.

You will be able to wash the swaddle multiple times without any worry about the pattern wearing off. You can also use this swaddle as a sleeping blanket, floor blanket, or a stroller cover.

  • Product size: 120*120 cm
  • Material: 70% Bamboo & 30% Cotton
  • Wrap your baby in this swaddle with minimum hassle.

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