Monkey Height Chart Baby Nursery & Kids Room Wall Sticker
Monkey Friends Height Measurement Sticker full
Monkey Height Chart Baby Nursery & Kids Room Wall Sticker Measurement

Jungle Height Sticker

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Let your child’s room reflect their growth with cute baby animals rejoicing each height level. Use our delightful Animals Height Measure Wall Stickers set.

To stick, simply peel and paste the sticker on a clean and dry surface.

It is made with PVC which implies complete assurance of its durability and adherence to the surface for a long time. 

  • Finished size: 108cm x 57 cm
  • Material: PVC
  • Please ensure that the surface is smooth and even. The sticker will not adhere to an uneven surface.
  • You can stick it on a metallic, glass, plastic, wooden or brush paint metope.
  • When sticking it on a wall, please ensure that the wall is not chipping-off or made of wood. The sticker will not attach on such a wall.
  • After sticking, gently wipe a cloth over the sticker to remove air bubbles.

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