Woods Bamboo Baby Swaddle Wrap Closeup
Woods Baby Swaddle Wrap

Woods Baby Swaddle Wrap

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If your baby is on the lookout for some company, then this woods baby swaddle wrap might just be the ideal product for them. The combination of orange and green not only looks aesthetic but is also soothing for the baby's eyes.

Constructed with bamboo and cotton, this swaddle will feel gentle against the baby's sensitive skin and not cause the slightest discomfort. You can wrap your baby securely without any fear.

Feel free to wash the swaddle as and when required so that your baby always remains clean and hygienic. This swaddle is a great investment because it can also serve as a blanket for the baby.

  • Swaddle wrap size: 120*120 cm
  • Material: 70% Bamboo & 30% Cotton
  • Put your baby in the swaddle with no hassle.

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