Feathers Baby Swaddle Wrap
Feathers Baby Swaddle Wrap on Bassinet
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Feathers Baby Swaddle Wrap

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This feathers baby swaddle wrap remind a baby of birds flying free in the sky, which infuses with cheerfulness and a lot of energy. The blue and orange feathers spread across the creamy white background will capture your baby's imagination.

Wrap your baby securely in the swaddle without any worry because the fabric is designed to be gentle even against a baby's sensitive skin. Made with cotton and bamboo, the swaddle offers comfort and warmth without letting the baby feel like they are restricted. You can also wash the swaddle as and when required since the patterns will not wash off.

This swaddle can be used as a sleeping blanket or a floor blanket for your baby as well.

  • Swaddle wrap size: 120*120 cm
  • Material: 70% Bamboo & 30% Cotton
Give your baby comfort and security by wrapping them in the swaddle.

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