• Filling your bean bag is easy when done correctly.
  • You will need two people to do this job.
  • A bathroom/ bathtub is an ideal place to fill up the bean bag. Make sure the windows are closed.
  • Filling up approx 75% of the bean bag is ideal for babies.
  • Carefully store the left over beans, so that it is not accessible by the children.


  1. Open the bean pouch zipper with the help of paper clip provided.
  2. Shut the bathtub drain hole using the plug.  One person will need to hold the baby bean bag and the other person is required to hold the bag of beans. Cut the bag of beans from the top corner at an angle of 45.
  3. The person holding the baby bean bag needs to keep the sides apart so that the filling person has a generous sized hole to pour beans into. Pouring person needs to make a funnel with the top of the bag of beans by rolling one side of the bag down until you get a funnel shape. Start pouring the beans into the baby bean bag and stop every now and then to allow the other person to shake down the beans to the base of the baby bean bag.
  4. Repeat the process until you reach the desired level of filling.
  5. Zip up the beans pouch and the base of the baby bean bag once filled.
  6. Jiggle your bean bag to get the beans into the right place and shape.
  7. After filling the bag it is important to clear up any little white beans that escaped and put in rubbish bin. These white beans are extremely dangerous to children and pet if swallowed.
  8. Please remove the paper clip once filled so that the little ones can not open and get access to beans.

NOTE: In absence of bath tub you can use a room with enough flooring space, where you can easily see the beans.

Use vacuum cleaner to clear up any spillage.

Removable top seats- Just unzip the seat from the base and put it into a wash bag, then put this bag into your washing machine. Wash on gentle cycle in cold water. When dry zip it back.

Base - Wipe is with a damp cloth then use a fabric cleaner to clean it. Follow the directions on the fabric cleaner.

According to the guidelines of Australian Product safety standard, the zipper of the all the baby bean bags have their zip pulls removed. You are required to thread a paper clip into the hole where the zip pull goes to operate.

If the zip is still stuck then take out the paper clip and thread it into the other part of the hole. You will notice that the hole is divided into two parts. One part of the zip is to lock the zip and the other part allows to slide easily to open.

You can elevate the baby bean bag by pushing the beans to the back of it before placing your child on it. This position is considered more suitable for feeding and post feeding.

No. Bean bags are not to be used to replace the bed or cot. It is comfortable for the babies due to its soft surface and is also convenient for the mums to carry the bag from one place to another. It will allow you to keep your baby around you all the time.

All our baby bean bags come with 2 removable covers. The baby cover comes fitted with a 3 point safety harness. This is to make sure that your little one does not slide off or roll out of the bean bag.  Yet we highly recommend that you supervise your little ones at all times on the bean bag.

Yes, you can buy additional seat cover to make your bean bag look brand new.

Our baby beanbags are designed for children up to 30 Kg.

The dimensions of the baby beanbag once filled are:

Length 72 cm

Width 52 cm

Height 40 cm

You can do this when you believe your child has reached the stage when no longer requires harness securing them.

Your baby bean bag will come with:

The baby bean bag (unfilled)

1 Regular seat cover (which is removable)

1 Harness seat cover for toddler (which is removable)

Yes, spare seat covers are available for buying in different colors.

Yes, we only sell empty bean bag and you can fill it yourself. Filling can be bought at Kmart, Target, Big W. You can buy a large bag of beans for filling up the baby bean bag. The baby bean bag will require to be filled up to 80%. If you have any balls remaining, Be very careful when storing the left over bean balls.

Yes we comply with the product safety standards and have removed the zip pulls from all our baby bean bags as a safety measure so that the children are not able to reach the filling inside.  You will be provided with a  paper clip to use a lever to operate your baby bean bag's zip. Please make sure after filling the bags the paperclip is removed from the bag and is kept out of reach of children. We highly recommend that the children are supervised at all times when on the bean bag.

All our bean bags come with the warning label.

WARNING: Children can suffocate if bean bag filling is swallowed or inhaled. Do not let children climb inside this bean bag. A bean bag is not a safe sleeping surface for an infant under 12 months of age

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