Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter Parenting: The Ultimate Resource Guide

Everyone has their own style of parenting, their own ideas about how they should raise their kids. There’s no right and wrong answer to the questions involved, only how you think you should do it. But there are plenty of ideas and guidance to help you along the way, allowing you to see other people’s perspectives and decide if they might work for you.

Helicopter parenting is a term used to talk about a style of parenting that takes a very involved approach to raising kids. At the other end of the scale is the submarine parent, the parent that steps back and lets kids learn through experience. Our aim is to provide you with information about both and all the steps in-between to help you find your own perfect parenting approach.

The Ultimate List of the

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What is Helicopter Parenting?

The idea of helicopter parenting isn’t a new one but has come to the fore in the Millennial generation. Parents want the best for their kids and look to manage their lives using their own knowledge and experience, often said to be hovering over them like a helicopter.
Is this the style for you?


Helicopter Parenting Infographic

Use this infographic to understand what helicopter parenting is, if you are a helicopter parent and what it involves. Do you hover around your kids, helping them to make the big and little decisions in their lives? And does this help or hinder their progression into being adults? This handy graphic introduces the idea of helicopter parenting and highlights the good and bad aspects of the approach.


Drone Parenting: Helicopter Parenting on Steroids

The helicopter parent tends to be very vocal, telling the world the things that they think it needs to know with the aim of providing a better life and future for their kids. But the drone parent? These are the silent ones, the ones who work in the background, often electronically and have the accuracy of military hardware. What is a drone parent and are you one?


What are the consequences of helicopter parenting?

Helicopter parenting might seem a fun term but there can be some serious implications to the kids of these parents. While everyone wants to do the best for their kids, is it possible to take this too far and actually affect them in the long run in a negative way by hovering over their move?


Submarine Parenting: Is it a solution to helicopter parenting?

Every approach has its opposite and submarine parenting is often seen as the opposite of helicopter parenting. It takes a softer, quieter approach than helicopter parenting and is already showing success for both parents and children. So what are the benefits for kids and how can parents adopt this approach?


Are you a helicopter parent? Take a quiz and find out!

Are you a closet helicopter parent? Are you hovering over your kids, obsessing about every aspect of their lives and trying to control all situations to give them the best outcome? How do you know if you have stepped from a concerned parent into an obsessive helicopter one? Take this quiz and find out – if you are brave enough!

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