How To Choose a Designer Nappy Bag?

One really meaningful purchase you can preplan and make before the arrival of your baby that goes a long way in keeping you in control with baby travel essentials is a roomy, rightly compartmentalized and “individualistic to your personality” Nappy Bag.

I take the following 3 fold approach in selecting a designer nappy bag to avoid an impulsive non thought out purchase


You want the bag to have the right amount of internal holding space. Beware, although we as humans are tempted to give a greater weight age to the external look and appeal quotient, once you start to use it day in and day out, it is greatly the cleverness of its interior design that matters as much as, if not more than the outside appearance. With that I have designed the following quick tests that come to the rescue:


  1. Quickly Accessible Pockets to hold at least 3 – 5 fresh diapers (ranging from the newborn size right through to the toddler size of nappies)
  2. Conveniently Accessible Pockets with a self contained change mat – of easily washable and wipe able material
  3. Holding space for a wet wipes flat case/small tub depending on what is the size and shape of the brand that is your favorite tried and tested one – that you won’t change for anything in the world
  4. Section for Nappy Rash Powders/ Cream depending again on what is the right fit for your precious tiny bundle
  5. Vertical Insulated Drink Bottle Socket for your baby’s on the go liquid meals to always be securely held in spill proof casing for the long bumpy rides and also maintained at ambient temperature for baby to use right away.
  6. Room for one or two fresh change of clothes – I wouldn’t personally recommend that you need to have room in this one for unclean clothes that belong in the laundry – those are best kept separate in nappy disposal bags
  7. An optional section is a portion to hold mum’s essentials like keys, purse and phone although these also conveniently can be held in a cross strap smaller purse that because of staying attached to your body is more secure for precious things you cannot afford to lose.


You want the bag to work with rather than against you. other must have feature is how easy is it to carry it.

  1. A good design is one that is a breeze to carry around and sits neatly under the pram and/or can be hung around the pram handle. Check that the straps are adjustable and also with plenty of padding allowing you to feel comfortable holding even the occasionally brim filled heavier bag for longer journeys.
  2. A flat strongly padded base is essential to the bag sitting neatly upright and staying that way despite the rough bumpy drives that it might occasionally need to take
  3. Is the closing flap firmly and securely held in place as well as being a design that is your preferred personal choice in luggage – be it zipper/clip lock/ buckled up/Velcro fastened etc.



The bag is an extension of your physical body and as such should compliment and let your individuality shine through

  1. You want the bag to be of a color theme/printed pattern/texture/fabric and metallic components that make a style statement as much as any other piece of clothing that is symbolic of the essence of “you”. Take your time picking a piece that salutes and truly underlines everything that you are about as a unique mum


If you are making a good investment on your baby bag expect a long term return.

Use your imagination before buying and consider whether you want to use this bag for your work, as a casual handbag or a travel bag in its second innings. Your bag can also continue to provide value as an item accompanying your toilet trained champion’s playgroup visits/ art and craft sessions/ library and story time trips as well park picnics with mates. These days some of the bags even come with removable interior compartments to leave you with a designer handbag when the kids grow out of nappies.

Hopefully this article throws some light on where and how you can shop wise!

Happy Shopping to all gorgeous ladies from Sumitha Kannan.