31 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Australian Mums

Your friend tells you about her pregnancy, the news comes with a lot of excitement, hugs, kisses, belly rubs,and also a bit of anxiety. The anxiety of finding an amazing, unique and thoughtful gift for the baby shower. The one that she can either use for the baby or herself. If all the gifts in the mother and baby sections of the supermarkets and e-commerce sites are only adding to your confusion, we got you.

Unfortunately, the one person who feels the most left out at a baby shower is the mom-to-be. Surprise your pregnant friend with gifts meant specifically for her so that she has her gala time when the baby arrives too. From beautiful maternity dresses to massages and jewelry, here's a list of some amazing things that you can give to your friend for their baby shower.

Here are some incredible and amazing baby shower gift ideas for every baby shower, making the process much easier for you.

Things to consider before you buy baby shower gift

Before you go through a plethora of baby shower gifts for your friend, there are a few things that you must consider.

Is there a baby gift registry?

A lot of parents these days decide to get a gift registry for the baby shower to avoid getting the same kind of gifts from everyone. This will make your job of picking the gift a lot easier. You can pick the one you like the most from the registry itself and gift that to the expecting parents. Most baby showers these days have a theme, list the gender of the baby (if the parents know about it), and the registry makes the job easier for the attending guests.

Is there a wishing well?

A lot of baby showers these days also feature a wishing well where you can throw in tiny items that would help the baby. This could be anything from socks to little mittens for the winters that could be useful for the baby. A lot of wishing wells also have a theme. For example, if the invite says that the theme of the wishing well is 'baby's library', you can bring children's books to the shower apart from your main gift.

Do you want to follow the registry?

The baby registry is something that almost all the guests would be choosing their gifts from. But you can decide to go away from it and do something more meaningful for the parents. Here, you need to take the parents' likes and dislikes into consideration while deciding your gift. Are they eco-conscious? Do they appreciate funny gifts? Would they like to travel somewhere with the baby?

Would they like something more specific? These questions will help you narrow down the choices of the to-be parents and guide you in the right direction for the perfect gift as well. You can take the help of the registry in this case to understand their style, the colors they like and more.

Once you've considered all the points, you can start narrowing down the options of the gift you'd like to buy or DIY for them. To help you further, we have put down a list of the best baby shower gifts that you can find to make your job much easier.

Most amazing baby shower gift ideas

Whether you've been to several baby showers or this is your first time, some gifts can never go wrong. From soft toys that could be their cuddle buddies to ones that play soothing music and calm down your kids, these gifts are perfect to welcome a new baby into their lives.

1. White Lace Maternity Kimono

Holly White Lace Maternity Kimono

Being comfortable should be the first priority for any expectant mother. You can pamper her by gifting this chic Boho lace kimono that will wrap loosely around her body and not place any undue pressure on the skin. Not only is this kimono extremely comfortable to wear, but it also looks absolutely gorgeous because of the intricate design. The off-white lacy look is elegant, charming, and perfect for giving maternity dresses that extra dose of oomph. The mom-to-be will feel absolutely beautiful wearing this kimono! It is an easy gift to pick up because one size fits almost everyone.

2. Adele All in One Nappy Bag

Adele All in One Tan Nappy Bag

If you truly want to spoil the mom-to-be with something that is luxurious and functional at the same time, then this is the gift you should go for. Every mom needs the perfect helper when taking care of the newborn, and this bag will be the perfect gift. It looks beautiful because of the high-quality PU leather and is extremely practical as it comes with lots of pockets to store all the baby essentials without any hassle. This thoughtful gift will be much appreciated. The bag can also be used to pack a hospital bag efficiently before the arrival of the baby.

3. Smart Viv Nappy Bag Backpack - Black

Smart Viv Black Nappy Bag Backpack

The new mum will need all hands on deck when taking care of the baby. There are innumerable things to take care of when the baby first arrives. Having all the baby essentials scattered all over the place can be stressful for the mum. This luxurious nappy bag will boost her confidence and assist her in keeping everything organized. Not only does this backpack look stylish, but it will also prove to be functional. Mum will have her hands free with this backpack nappy bag. Durable and easy to clean, the bag is made from PU Leather. It features plenty of zip openings and compartments so as to accommodate both the mum's and the baby's needs.

4. Baby Cot Sheet

Baby Elephant Cot Sheet

Every new mom will want to ensure that the baby is comfortable, especially at the time of sleeping. You can help the baby have a good night's sleep and wake up fresh by gifting this soft cotton cot sheet. Made with the sole intention of providing comfort to the baby, this cot sheet will ensure that the baby does not feel irritated when sleeping. The high-quality cotton used to construct the sheet is durable and will last for many years to come.

Since the sheet is light and portable, it can be carried from one room to another without any hassle. The colorful design will catch the baby's fancy, but the warm and mellow hues will ensure that the baby's eyes are not put under pressure. The material is soft and airy too!

5. Baby Blanket

Sheep Grey Baby Blanket

Cute baby blankets and sheets make amazing gifts for girls. The parents love setting up and filling up their nursery with all the soft and cute items and another blanket or crib sheet could add a pop of color to their already amazing setting. This one, for instance, sports a design of friendly animals your child will love.

6. Car Seat Canopy

Avi Planes Car Seat Canopy

Having a newborn baby in the car can be a nervewracking experience for new parents. It takes some time for them to get adjusted to having the baby in the car. If you want to gift something that will make the journey easier and more enjoyable for the baby, then this adorable car seat canopy is the way to go. It has been designed to protect the baby in the car from the harsh sunlight and will help baby get a sound sleep. The soft mink fabric continues to serve its purpose in the winter by withstanding the cold and keeping the baby cozy.

7. Animal Print Baby Play Mat

Elephant Friends Large Baby Play Mat

Activity mats and playmats are other gender-neutral gifts that you can buy for the babies. They come in a lot of fun prints and designs for the baby and will easily go with any nursery décor. It can be a great fit for the baby and you can also buy them in bigger sizes so it can be used from baby to toddler to kid stages.

Take this baby playmat for one. It’s portable and large, and waterproof as well. You can clear the spills quickly, while the eco-friendly XPE material ensures that you don’t have to worry about odors. The anti slip L shaped surface ensures you don’t have to worry about your baby falling off too. Plus, it is one of the better looking playmats you would see.

8. Baby Bean Bag

Gale - Grey Chevron Baby Bean Bag

 Everyone loves a bean bag that includes your tiny tot. Your baby will love this one as they grow up.

Try out the Gale Grey Chevron baby bean bag, that is both adaptable and multi-functional. You can change the upper layers or remove them as you want. Plus, the removable top seat cover, and the three point safety harness is a bonus to ensure baby’s safety.

9. Hello Bunny Baby Play Mat

Hello Bunny Baby Play Mat

This comfortable play mat will give the newborn the liberty of having some quality tummy time. Colorful and bright, it will capture the attention and fancy of the baby. As a result, the baby will be able to crawl, play, and even rest on this comfortable mat. It has been specially designed to fit the requirements of the little ones.

Since it is portable and lightweight, the mother will have no problem transporting from one room to another. The anti-slip backing will prevent any unfortunate accidents. The mom-to-be will appreciate the simplicity of using the mat and the adorable baby rabbit design. It will be the perfect addition to any nursery.

10. Pram Liner

Grey Chevron Pram Liner

Babies are tiny human beings who deserve the best of everything. They deserve the utmost comfort. This pram liner is so soft that the newborn baby will love luxuriating in the pram once it is in place. This will be the perfect gift for the mom-to-be because she will be able to get a pram ready even before the arrival of the baby. This can prove to be very helpful on the day of the arrival of the baby.

The deer print is cute and will catch the fancy of the baby early on. The pram liner is constructed with 100% cotton breathable material, which means that the baby will be super comfortable at all times. The mom will definitely love how easy it is to clean. The liner comes with an inlay density of 350 gsm that provides extra cushioning.

11. Anna Grey Maternity Bra

Anna Grey Maternity Bra

With pregnancy comes the need for new clothes. You don’t want to buy a bra every other month. Why not get something more flexible? This one comes with padded cups and has adjustable shoulder straps. Plus, it is made from 95% cotton with as many as 3 hooks and nine eye extensions. The wide shoulder strap offers more flexibility too. The nursing straps makes feeding easy and just one hand operation so you can still hold your baby in other hand.

12. Nappy Wallet

Colourful Feathers Nappy Wallet

If you want your gift to be cute but functional, then you can gift this nappy wallet. It is perfect to store all the nappy essentials of the baby. This will allow the to-be parents to change the baby in a hygienic manner. Having all the changing essentials organized within the wallet will speed up the process, ensuring that the baby does not feel uncomfortable for a long period of time.

This nappy wallet is spacious and has comfortable padding to protect all the stuff inside. It comes with many designed pockets so that all the essentials can be stored neatly. This will be mum’s must have wallet when out and about with bub.

13. Maternity Wrap Dress

Peony Navy Maternity Wrap Dress

Pregnancy is about being comfortable and thus, wearing loose clothing. But who says that you can't be stylish while wearing comfortable clothing. You can gift your friend some stylish maternity dresses, beautiful robes or luxurious pajamas that they can also wear at the hospital when they're about to deliver.

Not only is the maternity wear from Nappy Bag Store easy to slip into, but it's also comfortable so that the baby doesn't feel any discomfort either.

14. Aaryaa Nappy Clutch - Tan

Aaryaa Nappy Clutch - Tan

The lovely mom-to-be might find it difficult to organize everything around her just after the arrival of the baby. If you want to extend a hand of help to her, then you can give her this stylish Aaryaa Nappy clutch. Before the arrival of the baby, she will be able to carry it as a crossbody bag, and that will not put any pressure on her tummy.

It can serve as the perfect hospital kit to grab when going out of the doors. In the post-natal period, it will serve as the practical all-in-one bag where she will be able to store all the baby's essentials such as balm, creams, nappies, wipes, and change mat for easy access. Since it is spacious, the mother will also be able to fit her own essentials alongside.

The best part is that the bag comes with pockets to store cards and keys which means that the mom will be able to take her baby out on a stroll with this bag.

15. Pram Caddy

Kayla Tan Pram Caddy

Taking the newborn infant out on the streets can be intimidating for any new parent. Not only you have to make sure that the baby is comfortable in the stroller at all times, but you also have to keep all its essentials organized and close to you at all times. This is when a pram caddy can save the day.

This practical gift will delight the to-be parents because they will feel more confident going out with a stroller if they know that they have easy access to anything the baby might need. The caddy comes with a spacious interior and has many slots so that you can divide the storage based on your needs.

16. Breastfeeding Cover

Grey Stripes Nursing Cover

If you want to give a gift of comfort to the mom-to-be, then this nursing cover might be the way to go. She will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind your gift. This cover has been designed in such a manner that it provides the maximum amount of comfort at the time of nursing.

It ensures privacy for mother and less distraction to the baby. The fabric is light and breathable, so that the baby has no problem. The mother can adjust the cover based on her requirements so as to get the utmost coverage and privacy. The special neckline allows the mother to make eye contact with the baby allowing for intimate bonding.

17. 3 Piece Postpartum Pregnancy Belly Band

3 Piece Postpartum Belly Band

The mom-to-be deserves every comfort in the world after giving birth to the little angel. This 3-piece belly band will provide much-needed support and enables faster recovery. It will cover the pelvis, abdomen, and the belly so that the body gets some time to heal itself.

This maternity support belly band comes with a breathable waist trainer that enables the internal organs and abdominal muscles to work in harmony. It dissolves the pressure on the swollen areas and helps in uterus compression. The breathable and stretchable material makes it easy to wear, and it can be easily disguised underneath clothes.

18. Baby Comforter

Kuku Bunny Baby Comforter

A baby comforter would always stand out in a sea of store-bought bears and dolls. You can get a kit from the market and get as creative with it as you want to be.

The soft toy will become extra special, and since you've made it yourself, the parents would be more than willing to give it to their baby. These rabbit stuff toys, for instance, are super soft and ones your child can cuddle and go to sleep in.

19. Baby Blanket

Sheep Grey Baby Blanket

Still want to create something special for the baby? Just buy this cute sheep blanket, in the shape of the animal! You can use it anywhere you like, from the couch to the car seat. It’s lightweight, portable and soft. Plus, did we add that it looks super cute?

20. Cot Organiser

baby for cot organiser

Babies should feel safe and comforted in their nurseries. A cluttered and untidy nursery can send the wrong signals to a newborn. So, it is important that the baby's room is organized at all times. However, it can be difficult for a mother to clean the room multiple times a day, just after giving birth.

Having a cot organizer will allow·her to store everything easily and ensure the safety of her baby. The mom-to-be will absolutely love this quirky gift, and the baby will surely fall in love with its cute design. It is easy to use and can simply be tied to a cot. There are nine pockets to store toys, nappies, wipes, socks, pacifiers, baby powder, cream and everything else in between.

21. Car Seat Organiser

Elephants & cats baby car seat organisers

Are the to-be parents fond of driving? Then they will adore this gift because it will make their journeys with the newborn so much easier! Any mother will feel anxious when riding in the car with the baby for the first time, so it is better that she does not have to worry about anything else.

Having all the baby's essentials scattered around the car will not make her life easier. This organizer is slotted to accommodate all the baby's provisions so mom can access anything she needs without wasting a second. This lightweight car back seat organizer is easy to install and take off.

22. Baby Swaddle Wrap

Plant Baby Swaddle Wrap

Baby swaddle wrap is a perfect baby shower gift for the new mum. Not only is this gift very practical, but it will be useful for a long time. Large size: 120 cm x 120 cm. The layers do not tend to slip around, making it safe for the baby!

23. Melbourne Nappy Bag Backpack

Melbourne carry all nappy bag backpack

From two deep side pockets to a back zipper pocket, you will find this nappy bag backpack to offer all. Made from water resistant polyester, this has all the space you need. Choose from three different colors, grey, navy or black.

24. Large 12 Piece Rainbow Stacker

Large 12 piece Wooden Rainbow Stacker

This large 12 piece wooden rainbow stacker will stimulate child's creativity & imagination. Helps children to recognise colors, improves motor skills, hand-eye coordination & practice ability. 

25. Baby Milestone Blanket

Angel Baby Milestone blanket

Do you want to gift something that not only the mother but also the baby will treasure all their life? Then this beautiful blanket is one of the most creative gifts that you can give in a baby shower because it will create every picture of the baby look like it has been sourced from a professional photoshoot.

The pictures will be vibrant and beautiful as the tiny baby smiles when placed in the middle of the blanket. This blanket will help track the baby's growth and give the parents memories that they will cherish forever. Made with soft and breathable fabric. The mom-to-be will love how easy it is to clean the blanket.

26. Kids Wooden Balance Board

Kids Wooden Balance Board

Kids curved wooden balance board can be ideal baby shower gift. It helps in developing sense of balance & coordination in kids. The balance board can be used as a slide, step ladder, rocker, small bench, car track, game table.

27. Nursery Stickers

Bear & Moon Nursery Sticker

Everyone wants to transform their child’s room into a cosy and welcoming space. Nursery stickers is a perfect solution for kids’ room décor. Its very easy decorate baby’s room with removable nursery wall stickers. They are simple to use.

28. Baby Sack

Blue Dots Baby Swaddle Sack

Fit for newborns up to 3 months.

You will be surprised at how comfortable the baby feels in the swaddle sack. This blue dot swaddle sack with matching beanie will help your baby feel comfortable while he gets acquainted with the new surroundings. 

29. 12 Piece Wooden Rainbow Peg Dolls

12 Piece Wooden Rainbow Peg Dolls

12 piece wooden rainbow peg dolls help kids develop hand & eye coordination, improve color & shape differentiation. Perfect baby shower gift & great educational toy.

30. Baby Sleep Aid Diffuser

Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid Diffuser

This sleep aid is essential oil diffuser, humidifier & vaporiser. It also works as air purifier. Support sleep, as it naturally supports the body into producing melatonin which is the body’s own natural sleep hormone.

31. Toy Storage Box

Bunny Square Canvas Toy Storage Box

Bunny print square shaped kids toy storage box will keep your kids room, baby nursery, playroom, bedroom etc. clutter free. Perfect & must have toy storage bin organiser. 

Other Baby Shower Gift Ideas

What else can you get for the new parents? Here are some more ideas.

Gender-neutral gifts

If the parents don't want to know the gender of the baby yet or don't want to share that information with the attendees, you can still give them a lot of gender-neutral presents. From room decor to carrying baskets for the baby, here's a list of the best gifts that you can give to expecting parents which are gender-neutral.

Customized gifts

Parents spend a long time picking out the perfect name for their child. This is why, having an item with their kid's name on it becomes even more special for them. From fuzzy bunnies to rattles and clothes, you can go for personalized gift items for the to be parents.

Interesting baby shower gifts

If the to-be parents are funny kind and your old friends, you can play around with your gifts and make the whole party laugh with your gifts. We've listed all things funny and tongue-in-cheek that your gift to the expecting mother.

Inexpensive yet elegant baby shower gifts

If you're about to attend a baby shower and are running low on cash, don't you worry, we still got your back. From cushions to mini book sets, these gifts are cheap but still elegant enough for the parents to never guess their price.

DIY baby shower gifts

Nothing makes a gift more real or sentimental than the one that's made with your own hands. If you're the kind who enjoys art and crafts, you can make a DIY gift for the baby too. The gift will be one-of-a-kind, creative, and will stand out at the party too.

Now, you are all set to give your friends anything they might need at a baby shower. From the perfect gifts to welcome a baby to thoughtful ones for the mother, we have got you covered for them all. So, take a pick – we are sure you are spoilt for choice now.