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    Affordable audio baby monitor that will let you have peace of mind knowing your baby is safe.
  • Motorola MBP161 Digital Audio Monitor

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    Be with your baby when you are away!!!
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Pick the Best Baby Monitor in Australia and Relax While Your Baby Sleeps

One of the modern developments to caring for your baby that almost every parent has embraced is the use of the baby monitor. These ingenious inventions allow parents to watch over their child while he or she sleeps and check on them without entering the room and risking them waking. Baby Monitors are now available from big name brands such as Motorola and come with a range of features to suit all needs and all budgets.

Features on the best motorola baby monitors

So what are the features on the best baby monitors and why are they a benefit to parents? One of the big options is whether to go with an audio or video baby monitor. Audio monitors come in two parts with one unit going in the bedroom and the other either standing in the room with you or even clipping to your belt for the ultimate portable style.

Motorola baby monitors also come in two parts with one element coming with camera that lets the larger, parent unit actually see the baby as well as listen to them. The cameras range from basic to highly sophisticated, depending on your budget and needs. Some even zoom in or allow you to pan around the room. Both types use Wifi to wirelessly connect the two units together.

Most of the modern monitors are digital, offering the kind of sound quality you get from your TV. Analogue monitors are the type that use an analogue signal and sometimes can pick up other transmissions such as another baby monitor or even the guy down the street with an analogue radio!

Extra features to monitor your baby

Other features that might help you decide which top monitor to buy for your home include moving lights that indicate when the baby is making a noise, even if you have the volume turned down. Others have the facility to broadcast, so you can speak to your baby without entering the room, calming them if they have woken but aren’t distressed.

Night lights are a useful element included in many and these give a gentle glow to the room, helping the baby sleep and also giving the room some light if you are using a video version by which to see what is happening. Temperature sensors allow you to monitor the room temperature and are ideal for those hot nights in Australia where the temperature soars.

Getting the best products for home delivery

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