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Tip: If you want to move away from the “shouty mum” stereotype, then my big tip is to have a two-step discipline plan:

1. GIVE A WARNING: say what they’ve done wrong, what you expect instead, and what will
happen if they do it again (a consequence)
2. FOLLOW THROUGH: go through with the consequence that you mentioned in your warning

In my experience, Shouty Mum appears when you’ve reached the end of your tether.

The Warning-FollowThrough method deals with the behaviour before you have to get worked up and frustrated.

It might feel strict at first because you only give one “chance”, but dealing with the behaviour while you’re still calm means you’ll be gentler and fairer.

I passionately believe that if we’re fair and respectful to our kids, they’ll grow up kinder and more confident of their worth and abilities.

The Warning-FollowThrough method means kids know exactly what is expected of them and parents have time to think of a reasonable, fair consequence rather than lashing out.

There is a mutual respect.

My blog is dedicated to this style of gentle parenting and respectful discipline so please pop over to to find out more.

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